I Quit Drinking And It’s Nothing Like I Expected


One of my 2016 New Year’s resolutions was to quit drinking alcohol for 30 days. I take my resolutions seriously, so I stuck with it. No beer, no wine, no liquor-filled candy. To take it up a notch, I quit alcohol on December 31st, and when everyone was toasting the New Year with champagne, I was toasting with water. Every year I read or hear at least 10 “I Quit Drinking” … [Read more...]

Take Your New Years Resolutions Seriously

Happy New Years

It's that time of the year again. Casual conversations about weather are replaced by casual lies about how we're going to better ourselves next year. New years resolutions get their fifteen minutes of fame. Between family dinners and senseless shopping people pop the seasonal question: "So what's your new years resolution?"  "This year I want to lose a few pounds." "This … [Read more...]

How To Spot An Opportunity And Make It Happen


People who know me personally, know that I have an extremely low tolerance and zero respect for chronic complainers--people who waste their time on whining and who think that I'm going to waste my time on listening to their boo-hoo-ing. But if I have to pick one top complaint that absolutely blows my mind off, it would be people who live in Western countries and complain … [Read more...]

The New 24/7: How To Get Shit Done

Get Shit Done

Everybody wants to get shit done. Crossing that mother-hugging item off your list is one of the best feelings in the world. You know that feeling—it’s a combination of relief, sense of achievement and satisfaction. And the best part? It gets you closer to your goal, if you have one. What’s the key to getting as much shit done as fast as possible? Time management, of … [Read more...]

All You Need To Know About The HPV Vaccine

hpv vaccine

If you're reading this article, chances are that you either don't know what HPV is, or you know, but cannot decide if you should get vaccinated. So let's get to the point without further ado. HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus, which is a sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer in women and anus cancer, throat cancer, and genital warts in both men and … [Read more...]